Living in the 3rd world (Zimbabwe, or maybe the 4th – not sure of the criteria) has its tests.  One advantage though is that we have our faith tested on a daily basis.  We have a lot of opportunity to “give things to God”, as we really have no other option and very often no control over our situation.  By giving our troubles and worries to God we are able to experience his grace over our lives.  Daily I am reminded that I would not be able to do anything without God’s grace and I am so grateful for this.  Faith changes things but grace changes lives.  

10/10/10 has come and gone and I am still hoping that it has ushered in new and better things.  I know for sure that the only real constant in our lives IS change.  Things change in a flash, we are going along happy one minute and then bam, things change.  We just have to remember that external changes create space for us to change internally and vice versa.  The external earthly vibrations have definitely changed over the past 6 months resulting in shifts specifically in the area of relationships.  I see old friends being re-united on one hand and on the other, out-dated relationships dissolving.  It seems that the gap between those people vibrating on a denser level and those on a brighter, lighter level has widened making it almost impossible for these two extremes to mingle.  So keep raising your vibrations however you do it – whether it be meditating, praying, singing, giving, sharing or whatever else it may be.  Then you can be sure to grow with change and turn your life into one worth living.
7/18/2012 08:20:45 am

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