My sister and I had a chat on the phone this morning about life's ups and downs (see Terry's blog below).  The last few months, particularly the last few weeks, have held many challenges and changes for many people.  Life on Earth is rapidly changing whether we like it or not and we can either fight it or go with the flow and move forward. I believe that it's really time to let go of the past - of anyone or anything that has hurt or upset us over the years, and to move forward in positive ways.  Ask yourself:  "What is the best way for me to move forward from this hurt or upset?" and then give yourself an answer or advice that you would give to someone else and follow that advice!  Take action and let go of the past.  Think of it as a huge load on your back that you've been carrying and that has been weighing you down then picture yourself either putting it down or cutting it free from your back and shoulders forever (at long last...phew!).  How do you feel?

Instead of blaming, feeling bitter or resentful towards someone or something always try and find a positive way forward.  Life is supposed to be enjoyable but if you carry around any negative feelings against anyone or anything you cannot be free to enjoy your life!  Have a wonderful week.

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